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Sisteme performante de energie, tehnologii și dezvoltare. Contribuții la Strategia Energetică a României

FDBC a organizat vineri, 27 mai 2022, lucrările Conferinței Naționale Științifice Interdisciplinară de Cercetare-Dezvoltare Sisteme performante de energie, tehnologii și dezvoltare. Contribuții la Strategia Energetică a României”.

Programul evenimentului, precum și lucrările și autorii acestora sunt disponibile mai jos.

The Knowledge Based Development Foundation, along with The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, EY Romania and the Association of Electric Energy Producers Association (HENRO) have organized an international forum entitled “Romania’s role in ensuring Europe’s energy security“, which took place on November 17, 2022.

Through this event, we aimed to address, in a pragmatic and scientific manner the energy security problem from Romania’s perspective. 

The KDBF research panel can be viewed here →



The Knowledge Based Development Foundation (FDBC) is a non-governmental/non-profit institution with a mission and objective pertaining to various fields.

FDBC aims for harnessing and developing technical-scientific knowledge, industrial, trade and business, educational, productive, economic and social, both at a national, European and global level.


FDBC publishes rigorous research, peer-reviewed, focused on development, sustainable technologies and the environment.

Moreover, the Foundation is dedicated to offer an interdisciplinary platform for discussing the challenges that arise in energy research, without the constraints implied by aiming a niche public.




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The fundament of FDBC is to allow every researcher to participate in the programs developed by the Foundation. Every activity/ program was created from the perspective of the research community and offers researchers the opportunity to overcome the boundaries of international frontiers and to work together for the benefit of world science.

Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life.

Marcus Aurelius (121-180), Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher.
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